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Our COVID Safety Practices

We are pleased to re-open for our 2020-21 Market season.  We have engaged in careful thinking about the safe design and operations of the Market during the COVID pandemic.

COVID Planning

The current COVID situation has several critical caution factors that have been identified by the government health agencies for community events like ours.  These include conducting an event:

  • with large attendance
  • that is often attended by out of town visitors
  • has attendance from vulnerable populations (seniors).

In addition, the local COVID numbers are above acceptable levels (5%) and the infection rate is currently not decreasing.

We have carefully reviewed the relevant expert guidelines for our practices.  These guidelines include:

The City of St Petersburg created a uniform set of COVID requirements (Executive Order 2020-43) in October 2020 regarding events held on city property.  We submitted a proposal to the City, which was approved.

Our Commitment

The Market has a responsibility in this case to exercise great caution in our safety practices to keep our community, our vendors and our staff safe.  As a result, we are implementing practices below that reflect the greatest degree of caution, including required face masks for all attendees and vendors.

Market COVID Safety Practices

The following are the practices that will be followed for the duration of the COVID pandemic.

Mask Requirement

Masks must be worn by all vendors and customers during Market hours.

  • We will offer a free mask to any customer that needs one.
  • Customers who choose not to wear a mask will be asked to leave.
  • We are attempting to achieve maximum mask compliance within the Market.

Controlled Entry

We will have just 3 entries to the Market, so that we can actively monitor mask compliance at each entry.  Fencing will be setup around the perimeter of the Market to ensure all customers enter through one of our official entrances.

Eating at Market

The Market has an extensive array of food vendors that offer food to potentially consume immediately.

  • Eating and drinking results in people taking off their masks.
  • As we are committed to a maximally safe environment for all market goers, we will not allow eating within the Market footprint.
  • Customers can can eat outside the Market footprint, including on the large lawn to the east of the Market.  Customers should observe social distancing when eating.
  • Drinks can be consumed within Market. Your drink must be in your hand, and your mask must be located on you, and visible to others.
  • All food will be packaged in a closed 'to-go' container.
  • The tables and chairs will not be offered inside of Market. Standing tables will be available beside the Stadium and on the lawn to the east side of Market.

Social Distancing 

We have increased the space between vendor booth spacing by 2 feet  This will decrease customer proximity while shopping.  Signs and ground markings will also assist in observing 6 ft distancing.

Hand Sanitizing

We are putting hand sanitizer stands at multiple points around the Market.  We are asking vendors to have at least one sanitizer bottle at their booth.