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Dog Guidelines

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You’re welcome to bring your furry, four-footed friend to Market. Many customers comment how they enjoy seeing the tremendous variety of dogs that visit the market.

Please observe the these guidelines to ensure everyone’s safety and enjoyment:

  1. Do not bring your dog on an extendable leash! Please keep your dog on a short (less than 4 feet) leash. Dogs and leashes can easily become a hazard for pedestrians in a congested area.
  2. Restrain your dog around vendor tables, particularly food vendors. Dogs should not be allowed to approach or sniff food on tables.
  3. Always ask the other dog owner before allowing your dog to approach their dog.
  4. Be aware that even friendly dogs (particularly large ones) can be intimidating to some people. So be considerate of people who may not be comfortable being in close proximity to your pet.
  5. Please immediately withdraw your dog from a situation that prompts barking or aggressive behavior. Barking can cause significant stress for bystanders.
  6. If you know that your dog isn’t consistently friendly around strangers, please don’t bring it to market.
  7. Please ‘curb’ your dog in an appropriate location, and promptly clean up any mess that may be made in the street.
  8. If you observe any problem with a dog, please report it to a staff member at the Market booth.

Dogs that are not able to observe these guidelines will not be welcome to attend the Market.

Services For Your Dog

  •  We provide a water bowl for dogs near the Market booth.
  •  ‘Accident’ cleanup materials are also available at the Market booth.