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Saturday Morning Market is in the heart of downtown St. Petersburg on the waterfront. It's located in the Al Lang Stadium parking lot.

Market GPS Location

100 1st Street S.E., St. Petersburg, FL 33701


South Core Garage — Over 1100 spaces are just across the street from the market.

  • The entry is on 1st Avenue S, between 2nd and 1st Street.
  • The cost is $3 (on entry) on weekends.
  • The payment machine takes credit cards as well as cash.
  • Use the elevator in the NE corner of the building.
  • Higher prices ($5 and occasionally $10) are charged when large downtown events occur.

Sundial Parking Garage — Over 1300 spaces are just 2 blocks north of the Market.

  • Enter the garage on 2nd Street N between 1st and 2nd Avenue.
  • It costs just $1 for the first 4 hours (on weekends).
  • A higher price ($5 and occasionally $10) is charged on the rare occasions that there is a large special event in the downtown area (e.g. Ribfest/ November, Mainsail/ April)

Al Lang Parking — 50 spaces ($5) are available on the eastern portion of the Al Lang parking lot.

Street Parking — There is metered street parking in a several block radius.

  • The meters cost 25¢ for 20 minutes, or 75¢ per hour. The meters are enforced on Saturdays in some locations.
  • Metered parking is free on weekends in spaces located south of Central and north of 5th Ave S (1st St, west to 4th St.).

Beach Drive – We encourage our visitors to not park on Beach Drive, in order to leave spaces for patrons of the Beach Drive merchants.

Handicapped Spaces - There are a small # of designated handicapped spaces just south of the Market next to the Stadium. Enter from 1st St. South.

Downtown Looper Trolley

  • The Looper is a Trolley service that completes a 12 stop circuit of the downtown area. It's painted to look like a trolley used decades ago.
  • The Trolley operates from 10am – 5pm.
  • The Trolley (heading north) stops at the Hilton hotel – which is ½ a block south on 1st Street.
  • It also stops by the Hampton Inn – which is 1½ blocks north on 1st Street.
  • It costs just 50¢, and its free in a core downtown zone.
  • Click here to see the exact route, the specific schedule and more.

Directions to the nearby South Core Garage

From the North:

  • Going south on I-275, take the I-375 exit.
  • Travel to the end, exiting straight onto 4th Avenue N.
  • Turn right on 2nd Street, and travel several blocks, crossing Central Ave.
  • Turn left on 1st Ave S. (one-way to the left) and go 1/2 block.
  • Turn left into the South Core Garage entrance.

From the West:

  • Travel east down 1st Ave South (one way to the east) to the downtown area.
  • After crossing 2nd Street, turn left into the South Core garage entrance.

From the South:

  • Traveling north on I-275, take the I-175 exit.
  • Travel to the end, exiting straight onto 5th Avenue S.
  • Turn left on 2nd Street and travel several blocks north.
  • Turn right on 1st Ave S, go 1/2 a block
  • Turn left into the South Core garage entrance.