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Saturday Morning Market is an Equal Opportunity Employer

General Description

Founded in 2002, St Petersburg Saturday Morning Market (SPSMM) is the heart of St Petersburg. It has grown to have 170 vendors – farmers, crafters, ready-to-eat foods, and a produce reseller. Included in those invited to participate at Market on a very limited basis are not-for-profit vendors - to educate the community for no charge, and select businesses that are not eligible to be vendors but can promote their business for a $500 donation to support Market programs.

SPSMM operates year-round with two venues; from October to May, the Market is in a waterfront stadium parking lot. This location has storage and indoor bathrooms. The summer location is in a shady park only blocks from the regular site in downtown St Petersburg. The 170 vendors are invited as either full-time or part-time. The maximum number of spaces is 140 for the normal market.

Depending on the season, market attendance is between 8,000-12,000 customers who come from all over the mid-Florida region. One of our indicators of success is that for the holidays, our customers bring their out-of-town family and friends. In addition, we have many return visitors from across the country.

The Market is a place of respect and community; our policies of "no politics" and "no religion" were established long ago to maintain respect for all people and religions. Additionally, SPSMM has a profound commitment to family farmers. For many years, Florida has been an agri-business state (strawberry, orange, and tomato) yet has provided little or no support for small farmers.

People shopping at the Market can count on good, clean food from actual farmers. We encourage and support having a broad array of gourmet ready-to-eat and take-home food representing many ethnic backgrounds. Music and entertainment create an ambiance that encourages our shoppers to stay and connect with friends. There is a sense of surprise and delight on each Market Saturday as patrons see what is new, what is in season, and who shows up for the day!

The Market is a significant contributor to the quality of life and the economy of St Petersburg. It is not only a vibrant and vital social event; it is the definitive community experience in St Petersburg. Please review our website for more detailed information.

Saturday Morning Market was incorporated and designated a 501(c)3 nonprofit in 2004. We have received over $500,000 in grants to promote food justice and initiate "A Safe Waste Initiative at Market" for our community and environment.

Saturday Market Operations

The Market operates from 9:00 am- 2:00 pm from October to May in the Al Lang Field parking lot at the corner of 1st Street and 1st Avenue South. October - May reflects the mid-Florida growing season. The Market moves to Williams Park from June - September and is open from 9:00 am-1:00 pm to provide the shoppers' shade. The summer market operates with fewer vendors (typically less than half the vendor count as the regular market).

Market Manager Role Summary

Title: Market Manager
Status: Regular, full time, exempt position
Starting Salary: $50,000-$65,000 (Negotiable based upon qualifications)
Benefits: Paid Time Off (PTO) policy, 75% of health insurance paid including dental and vision care

The Market Manager's most significant qualification is an aptitude to see the big picture involved in managing the St Petersburg Saturday Morning Market. Education does not ensure this; therefore, we have no basic educational requirements for the position. Seeing the big picture and managing the myriad details to maintain that picture is an inherent quality that the Market Manager must show through actions and attitudes.




  • At least three years of management experience, including personnel management, financial & budget responsibility, operations management
  • Experience working with multiple stakeholders and diverse communities, as well as with the public
  • Experience in retail or other customer service activities

  • Experience working in some capacity (manager, vendor, or volunteer) within a community market

Technical Skills: Proficient typing skills, ability to use Microsoft Office, Constant Contact or equivalent, ability to learn new software for vendor management, ability to make regular updates to the website

Required Certifications and Licenses: The candidate must possess a valid driver's license, and within the introductory period, they must become certified in CPR and Food Safety Reporting.

Responsibility: The Market Manager reports to the Board of Directors. All operational staff, volunteers, and any subcontractors are managed by and report to the Market Manager.

Background and Scope of Responsibility:
The Market Manager position is broad and demanding. The Market Manager must understand and effectively execute the long-term goals and strategies to move forward as established by the Board. Fundamentally, they plan the weekly event and provide hands-on oversight on Saturdays.
Additionally, they:

  • Act as the primary ongoing 'face' of the Market to our vendor community as well as the City of St Petersburg and our local community partners
  • Plan and ensure that critical weekly logistical aspects of the Market are consistently and accurately executed in a forward thinking way
  • Enforce the established standards that make the Saturday Morning Market work together to create a happy, collaborative, and creative community and assures customers of the quality of products and food for sale

Additional Logistical and Physical Requirements:
The Market Manager must be willing and able to help the staff set up and break down the Market, which involves lifting and moving tables, tents, and various other types of equipment.

    Physical requirements include:

  • Availability to work with few exceptions every Friday to ensure proper preparation, as well as all Saturday operations during the Market hours as well as set up and take down (other days are flexible)
  • Ability to lift 40 pounds
  • Ability to squat, reach and stand for long periods of time
  • Ability to work in all weather conditions, including high heat, wind, and rain

Key Duties

    Planning & Communications:

  • Enforce standards set by the Board
  • Support the vendors as a community
  • Attract appropriate customers for the products being sold
  • Collaborate with the Board to drive the strategic direction of the Market
  • Participate in and execute the Board's plans for overall market sustainability
  • Maintain strong communications with all individual and organizational stakeholders

Market Operations Management:

    Production Management

  • On Saturdays, guides the Operations Supervisor/ team in setting up and breaking down the Market, including:
    • Monitoring the setup and breakdown process
    • Handling violations of community standards relating to vendors, customers, and the general public
    • Assuring that ongoing clean-up occurs
    • Handles ad hoc issues that arise as part of the Saturday event (dog issues, weather complications, band volume, unauthorized solicitations, etc.)
    Vendor Relations

  • Advise the Board about proper vendor recruitment, selection, diversity, retention, and annual renewal
  • Inspect farms and craft production methods after a vendor is chosen
  • Maintain vendors' understanding of the critical requirements to maintain the privilege of participation in the Market
  • Manage the cyclical vendor scheduling process
  • Map the vendor booth assignments weekly
  • Inspect all booths regularly to ensure the integrity of products, food safety, and proper labeling (the use of the word "organic," "Florida grown," etc.)
  • Oversee vendor compliance with all operational requirements (as outlined in the Vendor Operations Handbook).
  • Handle vendor infractions per the market infraction policy, including conflict management between vendors
  • Decide about weekly ad hoc invitation of additional vendors, based on space availability
  • Handle vendor inquiries and issues as needed
  • Ensure timely collection of vendor fees
  • Provide resources for vendors about the operation of the Market

Market Promotion:

  • Attract customers to the Market
  • Measure the success of the Market and communicating that to the larger community
  • Watch for methods to preserve and perpetuate the culture and goodwill that the Saturday Market has established
  • Ensure that social media, website, and other promotional systems are maintained
  • Maintain the ambiance of diversity, culture, utility, and community
  • Find and book bands (per established guidance) to appeal to a broad audience

Administrative Responsibilities:

    The Market Manager must develop and maintain effective administrative systems that ensure market compliance with all laws, rules, and regulations, including but not limited to:

  • Maintaining operational guidebooks, policies, and procedures
  • Financial Planning and Management Accountability
  • Overseeing bookkeeping, accounting, budgeting, and grant management
    • Ensuring that vendors have:

    • Insurance that names the Market as an additional insured party
    • Proof of their regulatory compliance (FDACS, Professional Regulatory, etc.)
    • Employee and volunteer management
    • Scheduling employees and ensuring that performance expectations are met
    • Maintaining clear communication within the team
    • Other duties as assigned and supported, from time to time, by the Board.

Preferred Candidate Characteristics and Skills

    Interpersonal Skills

  • Ability to manage vendor and customer activities using a balance between customer service, vendor support, and enforcement of market standards
  • Establishes rapport quickly in person or on the phone
  • Builds strong collaborative relationships with others
    Verbal Communications

  • Ability to provide clear, concise explanations (explanations of Market policy/practice, giving directions to Market, etc.)
  • Responds effectively to customer issues (explaining why we allow dogs at Market, etc.)
  • Conflict Management: Can handle contentious situations constructively and positively (handling vendor complaints, communicating to someone soliciting within Market, etc.)
    Written Communication

  • Sets a positive tone and communicates details clearly in writing (replying to requests via email, coordinating schedules with bands via email, etc.)
  • Takes a variety of factors into account in building a complicated plan (planning weekly vendor booth placement, etc.)

  • Organizes their time and activities to ensure that a wide variety of activities happen in a timely and effective manner

  • Ability to set clear expectations, monitor performance, and provide constructive feedback and coaching

  • Keeps accurate and detailed records (updating attendance records, maintaining correct vendor balances, etc.)

Applying for the Job

    Timeframe: Applications for the Market Manager position will be accepted until the position is filled. We will acknowledge receipt of applications and will keep applicants informed about the progress in filling the position.

    Apply by emailing a cover letter, resume, and three professional references to

      The cover letter should include the following:

    • How your background reflects the skills and experience we are looking for
    • What is most appealing to you about this role and how it fits your passions

    Please do not make phone contact. If you have questions, please include them in your email/cover letter.
    Thank you for your consideration. This is a job to be proud of and to love.