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Market Design Changes

The Saturday Morning Market is different than most Markets.  We have been a combination of a great shopping experience, an upbeat festival, and the town square.   The festival and town square elements are supported by:

  • live music (a feature band, student bands, and other musicians)
  • performers (balloon twisting, poet, magician, etc)
  • lots of tables (seated and standing) to eat and socialize

During this COVID period, we are unfortunately going to have to minimize some of these elements.  They will return when more ‘normal’ times return.

Our COVID Safety Practices are described separately here.

Live Music

We are not be providing live music at this time.  We will be playing upbeat recorded music in the center of Market.

Enjoying Eating/ Drinking at Market

As we explain in our Safety Overview, we are not allowing eating within the Market itself, to maximize mask wearing.  

You can still enjoy eating as part of your Market trip by planning ahead.

  • You may want to decide whether you want to eat food before or after you do your shopping.
  • All food will be packaged in a closed 'to-go' container.
  • You may want plan to bring a picnic blanket

There are a variety of nearby locations to enjoy your food

  1. A large lawn to the east side of Market next to the stadium. We will have standup tables available there.
  2. A small lawn on the west side of Market on 1st St.
  3. Several outside staircases to the upper level of the stadium
  4. Pioneer Park, located immediately north of the Market, includes multiple park benches
  5. A long sidewalk and seawall extends south along the waterfront.

Please remember to socially distance wherever you choose to eat!

Vendor Participation

Some past vendors have chosen not to participate at this time for a variety of personal reasons.  Feel free to inquire at a Market tent about any vendor that you are trying to find.