Little Pond Farm

In a state dominated by large agri-businesses, small farms in Florida are relatively rare.  As a result, farmers markets in Florida have remarkably few participating farms.


Cole Turner and Little Pond Farm is exactly the type of farmer that market-goers can get excited about.  Cole is one of a new breed of farmers that’s helping redefine small farming in Florida.   Rather than focusing on growing lots of just one item, these new farmers are focused on growing unusual and heirloom varieties of vegetables, and growing them using sustainable growing practices.



Having grown up in Tampa, Cole knew he always felt a strong affinity for nature and growing things.  After graduating from school, he headed north to a farm in Georgia to learn by wwoofing.  That’s right, ‘wwoofing’. 

Run by the ‘World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms’ organization, woofing gives a young person the opportunity to learn organic farming by working on small farm in return for room and board.  Kind of like an outdoor internship.  Woofing taught Cole a lot about the myriad practices that compose the natural methods of growing.     He sold his produce the first year at the Sweetwater Farm CSA market on Sundays in Tampa. This fall, he expanded to 3 acres with the intention to bring his larger bounty to the SP Saturday Morning Market.



You can expect to find a great variety of seasonal produce.  Currently he’s bringing:
  * Melons
  * Winter squash (butternut, acorn, spaghetti, delicata, red kuri) 
  * Many types of cherry and heirloom tomatoes
  * Sweet & hot peppers
  * Eggplant
  * Cucumbers
  * Summer squash & zucchini
  * Sweet potatoes
His greens include: * Arugula * Kale * Mizuna * Mustard greens * Baby pac chois * Chinese cabbage

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