Non-profit Guidelines

Applying for Non-profit Participation Purpose – The purpose of this program is to enable non-profit community organizations to interact with and educate our community about their organization, programs, projects, and/or events. Organization Types – The following are examples of different types of acceptable organizations
-   Human Services -   Environmental -   Cultural Arts -   Educational -   Health -   Government
Organizations Not Eligible – These organizations include:
  • any political or religious organizations/schools with the exception of nonpartisan voter registration. (We honor and respect all political and religious opinions by supporting none at Market.)
  • any student organizations.
  • individual Girl Scout cookie sales or other national organizations supporting through sales of items
  • marketing for private or public schools, colleges, and private programs
  • fundraising for by an individual team for an event such as a breast cancer walk or other walks is not eligible.
Cost - There is no charge for this type of booth. Frequency – Non-profits may be invited to schedule two dates in each scheduling quarter. We will consider other patterns of attendance for specific circumstances. Acceptable and Unacceptable Activities Donations – Donations can be solicited for the organization. Sales / Fundraising - Non-profits are allowed to use Market as a fundraiser through the sales of approved products. However the sale or free distribution of products must be fully and clearly disclosed and approval given. We do not allow sales that are in competition with our vendors. Information Distribution – Distributing literature outside your booth area is strictly prohibited! Our intent is that customers not feel that they are being bothered by leafletters as they walk the market. Political Activity - Advocacy for political activity (e.g. social security, farmworkers, etc.) is not allowed (even if we think it’s a great cause!).
  • Examples of disallowed activities include: petition signing, election campaigning, or promoting of specific political positions.
  • The Steering Committee will make the final determination of what is considered a political activity.
  • Advocacy activities can take place off the Market site or on our sidewalks, you must be across the street. The best place for these to occur is next to Bayfront Tower on the NE corner of 1st Street and 1st Ave SE, Second Ave S at First Street, or Beach Drive and First Ave SE.
Outcrying - No ‘out crying’ is allowed. Equipment - The Market provides the space, tent, and table free of charge. You must bring your own chairs. Space Allocation - Volunteers and staff of non-profits may not stand in front of designated space to talk to customers. Move your table and any signage back and stand in front of your table if you feel it is necessary. Best Advantage - Please consider carefully what you might bring in the way of signage and displays that clearly expresses who and what your organization is.  Consider asking volunteers who are outgoing and willing to stand up (alternate volunteers so one is standing - it makes a difference). Thousands of people will walk by your booth, don't waste any of them by not having engaging information. Application Process
  • Prospective participants should send a description of the proposed booth including: The mission of your organization. A website Is acceptable.
  • What activity you will be conducting in your booth (handing out materials, requesting donations, doing a demonstration, etc)
  • How you will be displaying your materials.
  • When you wish to attend.
  • A list of local board members
Any activities which were not specifically applied for and approved are not allowed and you will be asked to stop or put away content. We expect organizations to put effort and creativity into their booth designs (as we do regular vendors). Organizations with poor displays (e.g. poor materials, signage, etc) may not be invited back. Due to high demand, spaces are typically booked at least one month in advance and will be limited to four non-profits per week. Submit your application far enough in advance to allow time for approval. Proposals should be submitted by email to … . The Market Steering Committee is responsible for making the final decision about participants. We reserve the right to accept or not accept a request from a non-profit or individual in this category. Once approved, you’ll receive an emailed confirmation of the dates that you are scheduled. The organization must bring a signed copy of the Nonprofit Vendor Agreement to their first attendance at the market. Scheduling Scheduling Periods – There are 3 scheduling periods
  • Oct – Dec
  • Jan – Mid March
  • Mid March – May (We are always closed for the Grand Prix auto races)
Schedule Requests – Requests for a date in a scheduling period can be made up to 6 weeks before the beginning of the period. All Scheduling through Email – All scheduling should be conducted through email. Staffing Guidelines Please carefully consider the volunteers or staff who will be attending.
  • Our expectation is that your staff will conduct themselves as professional representatives of your organization.
  • We welcome smiling, friendly and interactive folks with a clear commitment to the community.
  • Any disputes with customers or other vendors should be reported to the Market management.
  • Please ensure that all volunteers and staff at Market have read these guidelines.
Saturday Operations Setup Arrival - Participants can begin setting up after 7:00 a.m. and should be completed and all cars out of the Market by 8:30 a.m. - The market is closed to incoming vendor traffic at 8:15 a.m., due to the volume of pedestrian traffic. - After 8:15, vendors will have to unload their vehicle from the parking are on the east side of the market. Entering the Market - All vehicles should only enter from 1st Avenue South, east of First Street. - Check with the Market staff at the entry on your arrival to get directions to your specific booth location. Be sure to get a clear understanding of the boundaries of your booth space. - Unload your vehicle and move it out of the market as soon as you are unloaded. Then, set up your booth. Vehicles should be removed from the market no later than 8:30 am. Driving - Please be very conscious of your speed as you drive through the market at the beginning and end of the day. You should drive no faster than walking speed – about 4 mph. Set-Up - As you are unloading and setting up, be conscious of parking your car in a way that maximizes the ability of other cars to get around you. Move your car out at the very earliest opportunity. Parking - It’s critical that we leave the most convenient parking available for customers. Vendors parking on the street should park at least two blocks away, preferably to the south. Tents and Tables – A space, tent and a table ( no chairs) are provided to each non-profit on their scheduled day and will be set-up in their space. Do not leave your tent unattended. Ask a Market staff person - we all have nametags - or call (727) 455-4921 to get assistance. Operations Hours – The Market is open from 9 a. m. until 2 p. m. We request that you remain set up for the entire time the Market is open. Let the Market Manager know if you need to break down early for any reason. Obstacles - Minimize any obstacles (such as signs) that might impede free flow of pedestrian traffic. Breakdown Vehicle Access - A vehicle should never be driven into the market until the Market staff has officially opened the entry gate. - If it is a windy day it is very dangerous to leave your tent unattended. Make sure Market tent has lowered your tent when you leave - Opening is typically about 2:20, depending on the volume of pedestrian traffic in the market. - Do not bring your vehicle into the market until you are completely packed and ready to load. - Then, load your vehicle as quickly as possible, and exit immediately. Clean-Up – Vendors are responsible for leaving their area free of garbage and debris. All garbage is to be carried out by the organization. Completion - Cleanup should typically be complete by 3:30 pm. Weather Closing A 'News' box on the homepage of the market website ( that will indicate in advance if the market will close due to bad weather. A message about a weather-related closing will be posted at about 10pm on Friday night. The market will not be closed simply due to a general rain possibility (e.g. a 60% percentage chance of rain on Saturday). If rain threatens after the market opens, we actively monitor radar on the Web to determine if and when to close. Gail Eggeman, the Market Manager, is responsible for the weekly market operations. (727) 439-2017 For cancellations the day of Market Prior to Saturday morning Phone: (727) 455-4921 Email: Non-Profits that do not communicate their cancellations or leave early without Market Manager consent will not be invited back. Non-Profit Vendor Agreement Please complete and bring this agreement form to the market tent on the first day of attendance at the market. It only needs to be completed once during each market season. Please be sure that all participants attending Market in your booth read these market guidelines. Name: ________________________________________________________________________ Organization ___________________________________________________________________ Address: ______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ Telephone:__________________________ Email _____________________________________ I, the undersigned, have read the Information Vendor Guidelines and agree that the participating representatives from my organization will adhere to them. I understand that the market reserves the right to limit or discontinue the participation of a vendor at any time. I agree, as a authorized representative of my organization, to indemnify and hold harmless the St. Petersburg Saturday Morning Market and its agents and employees from any liability, cost, damages, and other expenses suffered or incurred during the Market. Representative’s Signature ________________________________________________________ Date _____________