Application Information - Prospective Vendors

Applying to Vend at the Market The Market has emerged as the leading weekly vending location in central Florida. As a result, we receive a substantial volume of inquiries and applications on an on-going basis for a very limited number of available spaces.

The Market Steering Committee is responsible for determining which applications we will invite for a screening visit, as well as on-going acceptance.

If you haven’t visited the Market before, we strongly encourage you to visit before submitting your application.
• The visit will enable you to experience the market, see our layout, the types of products, as well as experience the community atmosphere that we promote with our vendors and customers.
• You can also review our Vendor Contact List (coming soon), which lists most of the vendors who currently participate in order to understand what type and volume of vendors are already participating.

The Application Packet

The Application Packet describes in detail what we’re currently looking for as well as how to submit an application.
• It’s imperative that you carefully read the entire Packet before submitting your application to maximize your opportunity for acceptance.
• The Packet also describes what is important to us for different categories of products.
• The application is made by sending us a detailed email. There is no 'Application Form'.

To apply, you will need to download the Application Packet (as an Acrobat or Microsoft Word file).
Acrobat - To download it as an Acrobat file, click here. Acrobat is the universal format for reading a file regardless of the program used to create it. If you don’t have it already, the Acrobat Reader software to read it can be downloaded here.
Word - To download it as a Word file, click here.

Responses to Applications

Due to the significant volume of applications, and the working status of the Steering Committee, the processing of applications is handled according to the following schedule.
• Applications received at any point during the month will be replied to by the end of the following month.
• Applications received between May 15 and August 31 will be replied to by September 20.

We look forward to hearing from you!
The Market Steering Committee